• The hub only supports locations within Australia.
  • If latitude and longitude points are entered, the hub will select the regions that the input point is contained within as the output. However if the point lies exactly on the border of a region it will take the north-eastern most region.
  • If a shapefile is uploaded, the hub will select the region of greatest intersection with the first polygon in the uploaded layer for all regions except for losses.
  • For the losses region, the hub will take a proportional average of the losses grid cells the polygon intersects with. For example if one quarter of the catchment polygon intersects with the IL cell of value 54.00 and three quarters with the IL cell of value 41.00 the hub will return an IL value of 44.25 for that catchment.
  • Islands may not have some or all of the regions.
  • Coordinates in projections other than latitude and longitude, for example MGA, are not supported by the hub including shapefile projections.