2016 v1 (4/07/2016)

First live version

2017 v1 (13/01/2017)

  • After great industry feedback (Don Carroll), latitude and longitude are now displayed in the generated text output file
  • Section tags are now correctly displaying for all data outputs in the text file.
  • Changed GET requests format, see About page for more information
  • Fixed an issue where points located exactly halfway between grid cells were being rounded differently to BoM, resulting in discrepencies for preburst in those border cases
  • Minor text changes on the main results page

2017 v2 (11/04/2017)

  • Overhauled the backend to be faster and more reliable
  • Changed the look of the PDF and generation technique to be neater and faster
  • Updated temporal patterns
    • Areal patterns now have an event id
    • Areas with two temporal pattern regions (eg Wet Tropics and East Coast North) will provide both sets of temporal patterns and denote the catchment is in an overlapping region
    • Updated the temporal pattern file names to consistently correspond with the 'code' attribute
  • Added publications page
  • Added some notes regarding the use of Storm Losses to the results page
  • Changed baseflow factors to be their correct terms "Volume Factor" and "Peak Factor"